Metal Spinning Products

Established in 1939, Koch Metal Spinning has grown to become one of the country's leading manufacturers of precision spun metal products. One of our specialties is the ability to make product complete to print. This includes the ability to CNC turn features to tighter tolerances and multi-axis machining of holes and various other features into our product.

We have excellent relations with finishing companies that allow us to add special processes such as chemical conversion coating, anodize and plating to our parts. With the added ability to anneal and heat treat aluminum parts in house, we are able to maintain control of our process as well as being NADCAP accredited. The size of our ovens and furnaces allows us to run higher production levels than most of our competitors.

We have a long history of providing spun metal products and to the aerospace, medical, commercial, semi-conductor and other industries. Examples of some of the metal spinning products that we typically produce to customer specifications include:
  • Spun metal dished tank heads
  • Metal spinning of nose cones
  • Spun metal concentric reducers
  • Metal spinning of sheet metal products
  • Metal spinning of airflow nozzles
  • Spinning of flanged covers
  • Metal spinning cones
  • Spun metal tubes
  • Spun cans

Mixer seal housing
Material: Monel
Aircraft nose cone
Material: 6061-T6 aluminum - mirror polished
Instrument case
Material: 260 brass

Concentric reducer
Material: 304 stainless

Aircraft flange
Material: 6Al-4V titanium - fuel and corrosion resistant paint


Light housing
Material: 6061-T6 aluminum

Beaded cone
Material: 110 copper

Mass transit light housing
Material: 304 stainless

Oil splasher
Material: 7ga. hot rolled steel

Burner cone
Material: 430 stainless

Surgical light handle
Material: 1100-O aluminum - clear anodize

Flanged and dished head
Material: 316L stainless

Centrifuge housing
Material: 5052-H32 aluminum - blue anodize

Hose nipple
Material: Cupronickel

Hopper body
Material: 3003/6061 aluminum

Avionics shield
Material: MuMetal ®

Semiconductor shield
Material: 316L stainless